Our new Food Pantry Ministry will help us reach and meet the needs of hundreds throughout our city and county.

Of course, our faithful church families who may find themselves in need will benefit first, then we will offer help to others in our community.

Getting started, we will begin by distributing the grocery items on the first Sunday of each month (hopefully beginning March 3rd) after the morning service.

What we need to do NOW is:

– accept grocery or monetary donations

– inventory and stock the pantry items

– promote items for Sunday morning distribution

– promote via social media and notifying areas churches and organizations

– be ready to minister to our guest families in service, thenp ray with them and hand out items


– Canned Goods (shelf-life 18 mths-3 years)

– Canned Meats (shelf-life 18 mths-3 years)

– Dry Goods (Beans, Rice, Noodles, etc)

– Breakfast Cereals

– Sodas or Juice (unrefrigerated)

– Baby Diapers (all sizes) 

– Baby Wipes

– Diaper Creams

– Toiletries (preferably travel size)

– Laundry Pods

– Dish Soaps

– Walmart Gift Cards $5-$10


Volunteers are needed now so we can begin training and preparing for our first distribution Sunday. See Mary Goerner, Food Pantry Leader for details. We appreciate your help and expect to see changed lives because of your giving.

1262 Highway 77, Hallettsville, TX, 77964

(361) 798-5481